Who is the disturber: The problem or you?

Today I will talk about who is the disturber: The problem or you?
Then it happened, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said to him, “Is that you, O troubler of Israel?” And he answered,
“I have not troubled Israel, but you and your father’s house have, in that you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord and have followed the Baals. Now therefore, send and gather all Israel to me on Mount Carmel, the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, and the four hundred prophets of Asherah, who eat at Jezebel’s table.” (I Kings 18: 17-19).

See that Elijah spoke to King Ahab, well-defined!
There is uncertainty, fear and weakness when we are not defined in our faith. When there is fear and we are concerned about what others think, there is no faith or certainty, for “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hb.11: 1)

Here you can notice the characteristics of Elijah acting out his faith, facing the problem and King Ahab, who wanted to kill him. And he went up to him telling him what he wanted, “Now therefore, send and gather all Israel to me on Mount Carmel, the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, and the four hundred prophets of Asherah…”

Notice the definition of a man of God! When we are in faith we are defined and act in the Spirit, but when we are in the “flesh” and not attentive to act out our faith, we can be like King Ahab, who thought that the problem was Elijah … Indeed, it was Elijah who said it would no longer rain, but due to the revolt against the sin of Ahab that living as king of Israel ashamed and did everything that was contrary to God. And Israel was the “apple of the eye” of God … when the king was mocking by his way of being; obviously there would be consequences to his mistake.

But Ahab did not want to solve his problem. He saw Elijah as the disturber, and that Israel was in a very serious situation because of Elijah, but did not see that the problem was he himself … He was the one who declined to follow God’s commandments. On the contrary! He chose to follow the baals.

Whoever you may be, if you do not practice God’s commandments and don’t do the things that you have already been instructed to do so, that your conscience knows to be right or wrong, but decide on your own to act the wrong way, don’t you think there will be consequences?

And if someone confronts you because of your error, do you become outraged? In fact, when you express this outrage it’s because you do not like it and you do not want justice, but you want the sin, what is wrong and unfair. And sometimes you think that it’s the devil that is causing this entire disturbance, but no! It’s your attitude, because you left God’s commandment. Like many who were once in the Work of God, working, guiding many people and casting out demons, and then did what their feelings wanted: They became hurt, nurtured inappropriate things within themselves and then, when the problem surfaced, they thought the following: “my friends have left me, the people with whom I counted the most, they abandoned me…” In reality, you should know this: When you do what is wrong, you reap what you sow! There is no bishop’s wife, bishop’s daughter, bishop, pastor, member or assistant … Everyone reaps what they sow. Now is time for justice!

Elijah was defined, and when there is in us that spirit of justice, we are well-defined, we face with courage and we are not afraid of what we have to confront, because we confront with all our strength that which is unjust.

You can’t see sin or the problem like it’s a failure or an error, claiming that “To err is human…” because if you live in error, being aware of it and not solving it, it’s going to cost you! Even if at the moment that you are living in it, you are not paying for it, sooner or later it will come up. And you can confirm this in any part of the Bible.

Those who do not know the truth, who were not instructed and do not know, that’s a different case. But for those who know, know God’s commandments and want to keep following their own way, then surely they will be the very problem and will be disturbed by their fleshly impulses.

Re-evaluate yourself and act out an intelligent faith, because that is what will make you have stability, something durable and everlasting in your life.

Be sure to comment here on the Blog that which has touched you, what spoke to you that which you will keep and put into practice starting today.


written by: Viviane Freitas


In ancient times, a small insect, a tiny species of worm, which looks more like a maggot/vermin, was responsible for giving color and value to high-end textiles. It was very difficult to find dyes to color fabrics, and, when found, they would often be priced as much as gold.

Usually the deepest and brightest colors were used to make robes for kings, and there is a curious fact behind one of these colors in particular.

Records of the origin of this species date back to the Persian Empire, when the word kermes appears as carmine, vermilio (red), and means “worm-made”. The pigment known today as Kermes is the natural form of crimson, which is extracted from worms that have the same name.

Do not stop reading this article now, because here is where the story of this small and insignificant being gets interesting.

When this scarlet worm is ready to lay its eggs, it attaches itself to the trunk of a tree, more specifically, the Kermes oak found in the Mediterranean region. It secures itself very firmly because it already knows it will not come back down that tree alive. It is a voluntary sacrifice.

Its eggs, which are birthed beneath its body, remain protected until they hatch and are able to go off on their own. When the worm dies, it secretes a crimson fluid that stains its body and the wood around it.

The most valuable dyes were extracted from the dead bodies of these worms to make robes for people who were considered important, significant and honored.

This mommy worm has several lessons to teach us in our daily practice of motherhood. But I believe that you, just like me, were reminded of the LORD JESUS while reading about this worm.

To see the Salvation of your family, you have to be securely attached to Him.

He made Himself small and insignificant to save mankind. He secured Himself to Calvary to give His life for us. His crimson blood covered us, made us valuable, kings and priests unto God. And indeed, before coming into this world He had created Kermes ilicis, and He even compared Himself to her (Isaiah 1.18, Psalm 22.6).

What our Church is Doing, if you haven’t heard YET!

The Templo de Salomão (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈtẽplu dʒi saloˈmɐ̃w̃]) is a replica of the Temple of Solomon under construction by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in São Paulo.

According to Brazilian press reports, the new Templo will be an “exact replica” (“uma réplica exata”) of the ancient Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.[1] According to the church’s leader, “The outside will be exactly the same as that which was built in Jerusalem.”[2]

Bishop Edir Macedo the founder and leader of the Pentecostal church explained that, “We are preparing ourselves to build the temple, in the same mold as Solomon’s… Solomon’s Temple … used tonnes of gold, pure gold …We are not going to build a temple of gold, but we will spend tonnes of money, without a shadow of doubt.”[3] Bishop Macedo has said that the Templo will be twice the height of Rio de Janeiro’s Catholic-sponsored Christ the Redeemer statue.[3] Inside the Templo there will be a replica of the Ark of the Covenant constructed according to “biblical orientations”.[3]

The mega-church will seat 10,000 worshipers and stand 55 meters (180′) tall, the height of an 18-story building.[3] Its dimensions will therefore far exceed the temple it is a “replica” of, described in the Bible as having the relatively modest height of some thirteen meters (“thirty cubits”, 1 Kings 6:2).

It will serve as both a house of worship and as world headquarters for the Church and is projected to cost $200m (£130m).[3] The church has contracted to import $8m worth of Jerusalem stone from Israel.[3] told the Guardian that “We have signed the contract and commissioned the stones that will come from Jerusalem, just like the ones that were used to build the temple in Israel; stones that were witnesses to the powers of God, 2,000 ago.”[3] There will be a parking lot able to accommodate 1,000 vehicles and 50 buses, classrooms for 1,300 children, and radio and television studios inside the building.[3] The city of São Paulo has given permission for construction to proceed on a project that will require new traffic signals and other improvements to the surrounding streets to improve traffic flow.[4] The building is designed by architect Rogério Silva de Araújo.[3]

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God was founded in Brazil in 1977. It claims to have 8 million communicants who live in 180 different countries. It has a television channel and a weekly newspaper, Folha Universal, distributed free to 2.5m households, according to Church officials who also say that Bishop Macedo’s blog gets as many as 4m hits per month.[3]

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